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Inspection Manipulator IM-II

IM-II robot detail

The IM-II was developed for precise positioning of a probe during heat exchanger inspections. The modular concept enables the user to configure the arm for small or large components with nothing more than a hex wrench.

The arm is controlled from the EddyVision Acquisition software. The integrated package provides full control of the manipulator and acquisition functions using one computer with split screen capability. The embedded video windows provide real time monitoring, as well as interactive control of the positioning functions. The laser position feature provides on screen feedback for accurate positioning during movement and calibration of the arm.

IM-II Robot
IM-II_SYSTEM IM-II system includes:
  • An arm
  • One mount
  • Guide tube end-effecter
  • Tubesheet camera
  • tubesheet laser
  • 10' umbilical cable with junction box
  • 40' I/O cable
  • 40' motor power cable
  • Ccontroller
  • EddyVision software
IM-11_FM Flange Mount - includes washers, nuts and 3/4" all thread rod to mount into two open holes in the flange of the component. Other options are available by application including standoffs to clear permanent studs
IM-II_DPM Divider/Partition plate mount - mount can accommodate plate thicknesses from 3/8" to 1"
IM-II_TM Tubsheet mount - uses four open tubes to lock itself into the tubesheet. Specify tube size and pitch
IM-II_EXLK48_KIT Extension link kit to extend reach to 48"
IM-II_UMB_CBL_10 10' replacement umbilical cable
IM-II_I/O_CBL_40 40' replacement I/O cable
IM-II_MP_CBL_40 40' replacement motor power cable
IM-II_CAM Replacement guide tube camera assembly
IM-II_BWL_CAM Pan and tilt bowl camera with Ethernet control
IM-II_GTA-XXX Guide Tube Assembly. Includes the following:
  • Guide Tube (Specify tube diameter)
  • Guide Tube Holder
  • Laser Alignment
IM-II_END-effecter-XXX End Effecter Assembly with Guide Tube (specify tube size). Includes the following:
  • End Effecter base
  • End Effecter Extension Channels (5.5, 16, and 26.6" lengths)
  • Camera Assembly
  • Guide Tube Assembly with Laser Alignment
IM-II_RAIL_M3x2 Manual Rail System for Main Condenser Application Two 3' Rails
IM-II_RAIL_M3x3 Manual Rail System for Main Condenser Application Three 3' Rails
IM-II_COUPLER-F Female Coupler for IM-II