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OMNI-200 Eddy Current Tester

omni-200 remote
OMNI-200R Specifications
Power 100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz
Size 17.88W x 14.25D x 10.0H in
45.42W x 36.2D x 25.4H cm
Weight 22lbs 10kg
Environmental 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C) Operating Range, -4 to 158° (-20 to 70°C) Storage
Interface Four Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch
Frequency Range 20 Hz to 5 MHz
ET: 100Hz to 5 MHz
RFT: 20Hz to 100 KHz
Drive Voltage ET: 0 to 20 Vpp
RFT: 0 to 60 Vpp (300ma Protected)
System Gain -22 to 20 db Adjustable
Preamp Gain 0 to 700 Adjustable
Frequency Generators 4 Multiplexed or Simultaneous
Channel Capacity Simultaneous Mode 32
Multiplexed Mode 128
Context Mode 512
Impedance Matching Improves Range of Mismatched Coils
Hardware Null Minimizes DC Offset in Multi-Coil Applications
Sampling Mode Time Based 100 to 10,000 samples/sec
Distance Based: English or Metric Selectable
Status and Diagnostic Voltage and Temperature Monitoring (Software)
Input/Outputs Sixteen Isolated I/O Lines (User Powered)
Three Isolated Quadrature Encoder Inputs (User Powered)

Standard System Contents

OMNI-200R Remote Data Acquisition System
OMNI-200R OMNI-200 REMOTE - The OMNI-200 REMOTE tester is an Eddy Current tester in a single package with Ethernet support. It can be controlled from any computer (including notebook computers) running Windows 7 or later. It includes our EddyVision Acquisition software.

Weight: 22lbs (including RFT)

Note: This price includes either the AM-201 or AM-202 probe module. See below for details or to purchase a probe module separately.
OMNI-200R-NM OMNI-200 REMOTE CHASSIS – This item is the same as OMNI-200R except that it does not include a probe module.
OMNI-200R-RFT OMNI-200 RFT UPGRADE - An internal module is added to the OMNI-200 package that supports RFT. In RFT mode the OMNI-200 has a frequency range of 20hz to 100khz and supports multi-frequency inspections and simultaneous injection.
OMNI-200R-RPR OMNI-200 REFERENCE PROBE REMOVAL - The Reference Probe Removal feature allows the OMNI-200 to collect absolute reference data with a single probe.
OMNI-200R Probe Modules
AM-201 AM-201 Module: (4 Impedance Coils and 4 Driver/Pickup Coils)
  • Bobbin Probes
  • RFT Probes (Up to Four Coils)
  • Array Probes (Up to Four Coils)
  • Includes One Channel of Reference Probe Removal
  • RPC Motor Output: 0-10 Volt (1.5 Amp Protected)
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AM-202 AM-202 Module: (8 Impendence Coils)
  • Array Probes (Up to Eight Coils)
  • Dual Bobbin Inspection
  • Includes Two Channels of Reference Probe Removal
  • RPC Motor Output: 0-10 Volt (1.5 Amp Protected)
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AM-203 AM-203 Module: (Up to 32 Differential Impedance Coils)
  • 32 x 8 Multiplexer
  • RCCA Probes
  • Reactor Vessel Head Probes
  • Up to 8 Channels of Absolute Probe Support
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AM-204 AM-204 Module: (4 Impedance Coil Inputs and 4 Current Inputs)
  • Bobbin Probes
  • AC/DC Inputs
  • 4 to 20 or 8 to 40 ma Selectable
  • Includes One Channel of Reference Probe Removal
  • Two Isolated Quadrature Encoder Inputs (User Powered)
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AM-205 AM-205 Module:
  • CoreStar Array Probe
  • Zetec X-Probe
  • Differential/Absolute Bobbin Probes
  • Drive/Receive Probes
  • Conventional DC RPC Motor Units and 3-Phase Brushless RPC Motor Units
  • The module is supplied with a front panel 55-pin signal connector and a 4-pin connector for an external RPC power supply.

Probe adapters are required for all probes except the CoreStar Array:
  • A 55 to 4-pin adapter for bobbin probes is included with the module purchase.
  • Probe adapters for the remaining supported probe types are available at an additional cost.
  • The adapter for the RPC probes includes the external power supply.
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OMNI-200 Eddy Current Splitters and Cables
OMNI200ET-SPT1 Two 4-pin adapters for ET differential and absolute use (standard bobbin configuration)
OMNI200ET-SPT2 Four 4-pin adapters, two differential and two absolute
OMNI200ET-SPT3 Four 4-pin adapters, all four are differential
OMNI200ET-SPT4 Four 4-pin adapters, three differential, one absolute (for use with the cross-axis probe)
OMNI200ET-SPT5 Eight pin lemo connector, mates to Zetec RPC gun
OMNI200ET-SPT6 One 10-pin and one 5-pin connector. Mates Zetec RPC motor units that use a 10 pin signal connector and 5 pin motor power connector. (AM-201 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT7 One 36-pin connector, mates Zetec RPC motor unit that uses a single 36 pin connector to provide signal and power. (AM-202 Module) (SG style motor unit)
OMNI200ET-SPT8 Eight Channel ET Adapter for use with 8x1 Probes on the OMNI-200. It has a 2-10 pin configuration. (AM-202 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT9 Dual RPC Splitter. Two 10-pin and one 5-pin connector. (AM-202 Module) (HRID)
OMNI200ET-SPT10 V8 Probe Adapter to AM203 (Multiplexed) (Coils 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23, 28, 32)
OMNI200ET-SPT11 Two 4 Pin Diff Driver Pickup
OMNI200ET-SPT12 CoreStar OMNI-200 Pigtail for AM202 for Use with Saturn Probe
OMNI200ET-SPT13 One 10-pin and one 5-pin connector. Mates Zetec RPC motor units that use a 10 pin signal connector and 5 pin motor power connector. (AM-202 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT14 36 Pin Olympus SPNR Probe to AM201
OMNI200ET-SPT15 V8 Probe Adapter to AM203 (Coils 1-8)
OMNI200ET-SPT16 V8 Probe Adapter to AM202
OMNI200ET-SPT17 16 Diff to 36 Pin. (AM-203 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT18 Pancake Array Wand Splitter. (AM-203 Module) (Reduced Crosstalk) (Probe/Coil: 1/1, 5/5, 2/9, 6/13, 3/17, 7/21, 4/25, 8/29) (Navy/Conco)
OMNI200ET-SPT19 36 Pin RPC Splitter (AM-201 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT20 Two Differential (AM-203 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT21 AM-203 DIFF/ABS Splitter
OMNI200ET-SPT22 5 Pin RPC Power Adapter (AM-201 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT23 5 Pin RPC Power Adapter (AM-202 Module)
OMNI200ET-SPT24 10 Pin RPC Splitter with No Power (AM-201/AM-202 Modules)
OMNI200ET-SPT25 AM-203 6 Diff/6 ABS RCCA
OMNI200ET-SPT26 36 Pin Connector, mates Zetec RPC MU that use single 36 Pin connector to provide signal only (AM-201/SM-202 modules HRID)
OMNI200ET-SPT27 32 Coil (4x36 pin) Splitter for the AM-203
OMNI200ET-SPT28 AM-201 4 Pin Driver Pickup
OMNI200ET-SPT29 One 5 Pin (2 Diff) Adapter for AM-201/2
OMNI200ET-SPT30 AM-201 Module to RPC Gun for SPNR Probe