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Eddy Current Test Equipment and Probes

EddyFlex ST™ System Interchangeable Head Straight Length Probes (ESH Probe)

ESH heads

Note: In the following part tables, XXX stands for the probe diameter in mills.

Standard ESH Probe
CA-XXX-ESH/LF Low Frequency - 100 kHz
CA-XXX-ESH/MF Medium Frequency - 250 kHz
CA-XXX-ESH/HF High Frequency - 450 kHz
ESH Probe Options
CA-XXX-ESH/XF/CN Chamfered Nose
CA-XXX-ESH/XF/MB Mag-Bias (Not High Mag Bias)
CA-XXX-ESH/XF/SB Short Body Probe
CA-XXX-ESH/XF/LW Light weight plastic probe body to reduce probe weight; especially useful for larger sized probes. Its light weight reduces damage caused during the pull back into the far side tube sheet.
Size Range 1.010” to 4.00” Probes in these size ranges can be produced but are special orders. Please call us to establish pricing and delivery.

EddyFlex ST™ Long Life Probe Shafts (ESCA)

The molded long life shafts are the second part of our exchangeable probe head system. This shaft is very durable and virtually non-kinkable. Simply attach the removable long life probes to the shaft and screw the head on with a screw driver or even a coin. The connection is water tight due to a double O-ring seal. It has been the leading removable probe head technology in the market for many years.

Long-Life Shaft Long-Life Shaft

EddyFlex Probe Shafts
CG-375-ESCA/50 50' (15.2m) Flexible Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/50 50' (15.2m) Stiff Shaft
CG-375-ESCA/65 65' (19.8m) Flexible Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/65 65' (19.8m) Stiff Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/80 80' (24.4m) Stiff Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/90 90' (27.4m) Stiff Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/100 100' (30.5m) Stiff Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/110 110' (33.5m) Stiff Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/115 115' (35.1m) Stiff Shaft
CH-400-ESCA/125 125' (38.1m) Stiff Shaft

NOTE: Flexible shafts are available in lengths up to 65 feet. For lengths greater than 65 feet we recommend the stiff shaft. We also recommend the stiff shaft for vertical components.